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TMS Airways is a virtual airline that have the objective to do multiple flights using different aircraft from different companies.

We are very friendly and welcome not only experienced pilots but also new ones giving them tutorial lessons in the aircraft that we already know how to operate.

TMS Airways not have any affiliation with, endorsement or sponsoring by any real airline or company. All logos are registered trademarks of their respective companies.

If you want to operate in a VA that use multiple airliners, hubs and are in agreement with our rules, you are much welcome and join us today!


Pilotes 2
Avions dans la flotte 20
Lignes 56
Nombre total d'heures : 121.76
Nombre total de vols 66
Nombre total de vols réguliers 57
Nombre total de vols charters 9
% de vols réguliers 86.36 %


CallsignPiloteDépartArrivéeDateTemps de vol
TMS005Leonardo Sona  UUEE  ULMM 2019-02-12 1.87
TMS005Leonardo Sona  LGKR  UUEE 2019-02-11 2.54
TMS005Leonardo Sona  UUEE  LGKR 2019-02-10 3.27
TMS005Leonardo Sona  UUEE  EDDM 2019-01-18 2.61
TMS005Leonardo Sona  ULMM  UUEE 2019-01-17 2.03


TMS004-Marco Rossi2018-08-28
TMS001-Tércio Sampaio2015-02-14

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