1 - All members must be +18 years old.

2 - You should use your real name.

3 - Respect all members, we not tolerate insults, racism, xenophobia, etc....

4 - Its not a competition, our goal its not pilot X or Y is the best, here we should colaborate and help others to archive the company goals.

5 - Try to do a minimum of 1 flight per month. Accounts without activity for months and without replies to Admin messages/emails (check you spam email box), will be deleted.

6 - We want correct behavior in the flights, accidents ofcourse exist, but here is not the place to try crazy things with aircraft.

7 - By joining this VA you are consenting that your data entered in the creation of your account (name, email and encrypted password) will be stored in a protected database. This data is used exclusively to identify you on VA website, for you log-in to see your contents submitted by you (virtual flight data) and for the website to send you notifications when you want to reset the password, when a new flight is submitted or private communications between the pilots of the VA. No data goes or be transmitted to 3rd parties companies or organizations external to this VA/hosting.

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